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Effective January 1, 2004, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) establishes criteria for the privacy of client’s personal information. A key requirement is that a client consent to the use of their personal information (as defined by the Act) and that the information may be used for the purposes for which the client retains a law firm (legal, patent, trade-mark and other intellectual property services).

By sending us any form of communication, you are acknowledging that in the course of acting for you, you may provide to Ledgley Law (and Ledgley Law may collect) personal information that is subject to the applicable privacy protection laws. On your behalf, we may collect, use or disclose that personal information for the sole purpose of providing legal services to you.

Communications with Ledgley Law concerning your intellectual property matters are generally confidential and are protected from disclosure under lawyer-client privilege rules. Although no lawyer-client relationship is created until you sign a retainer agreement with us, your communication is still confidential under lawyer-client privilege on the basis that it is made in view to forming a lawyer-client relationship. However, this privilege is not absolute, and we may be required to reveal information if necessary to prevent a crime or fraud or if we are ordered to by a court of law with competent jurisdiction.

Please also note that given the importance of secrecy and confidentiality to protecting intellectual property, we do not recommend sending any information describing inventions or designs not yet disclosed to the public by email unless your information is further encrypted.

By sending us any form of communication, you are acknowledging that you understand that any information provided to Ledgley Law is subject to the relevant laws, regulations, law society guidelines, and practice notices as applicable.

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